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Sometimes you have to lose everything.

                 Upon his return from a very bad business trip, Hunter Veritas gets a traffic ticket.  This is the first domino in a series of events that will leave his happy life in shambles.  He will lose his job, his wife, his friends—everything that defines Hunter will be left in a wake of misfortune.

                Then, when everything he was has been taken from him, he meets Eveleen.  This young stranger introduces him to a new world.  A world that exists within and beyond our own.  Slowly she coaxes Hunter back from the brink and guides him in his exploration of newfound life—where he least expects it.

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What an honor!  Thank you for letting me read 'Crossing the Gore.'  It was written with such detail that I was able to 'smell' my hometown!  I enjoyed all the research you put into the story as well as all of the different twists and angles.
P.S.  Please put me on the purchase list!"

Crystal Gordon-Poore