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    "I had to send you a short note about your book The Sixth Extinction. It was great!...During the four and one half hours I read the book cover to cover. To describe the book as a page turner would do it an injustice. I found the book not only supremely entertaining but most thought provoking as well."

Brian Schooley
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    A meteor strike causes a world-wide chain reaction of destruction. By chance a small group is pieced together and takes refuge deep within the safety of Cheyenne Mountain. Dennis Schweigert has spent his professional career predicting this very event. But it surpasses even his wildest imaginations. The President of the United States brings Mr. Palmer, his trusted advisor to the mountain. How can he govern what no longer exists? Can Mr, Palmer find the answers he's been seeking for a lifetime? General Grabowski finds himself in direct conflict with the mountain base's commander, General McIntyre. With impossible and unacceptable conditions both inside and outside their safe haven, can either man come to terms with their new existence? Join these survivors along with Dr. Mark Zorbas, psychiatrist Carmen Fletcher, pop diva Alexis Coffey and trucker Agustin Sanchez as they fight their way into a new reality. And, eventually, a new world.